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We would like to suggest of some of
The Music Box Company's
favorite musicals
for Mother's Day

Ask for the Complimentary Gift Wrap and Gift Cards!

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A Mother Holds Her Children's Hands
Mother - Tranquility
Charming and sentimental box with a message to Mom on top that is so true. "A Mother holds her children's hands for just a little while....their hearts forever." Black matte finish on the wood. You can replace the message with a 4 x 6 photo. Lined in black felt with the musical mechanism visible under plexiglass.
Plays:"You Light Up My Life "
Size is: 6"W x 8" L x 2 3/4" H

Soft pink Carnations in the photo, with an inset flower picture."Mother, Thank you for showing me the meaning of Gods Love". "Her children arise and call her blessed. proverbs 31:28
You can replace the message with a 4 x 6 photo. Lined in black felt with the musical mechanism visible under plexiglass
.Plays: "You Light Up My Life "
Size is: 6"W x 8" L x 2 3/4" H

Item #MB941BCG
Item #MB675CG

mother rectangle musical jewelry box
Click On Image To Enlarge

Interior Viewmother rectangle music box opened
Click on Photo to enlarge

mother heart music box

Interior Viewmother heart music box opended

Click On Images To Enlarge

Mother- The Beauty
Mom Heart Box

This wooden Music box is a beautiful dark brown with an ornate braid-rope pattern around the edge of the lid. Inset in the lid is a colorful floral garden picture. The inset message is "Mother, The Beauty of Your Love has no equal...I love you" You can replace the message with a 3 x 5 photo. Lined in black felt with the musical mechanism visible under plexiglass.

Plays: "Wind Beneath My Wings"
Size is: 6"L x 4"W x 2 1/2" H

This small wooden heart box is done in a warm brown color with a brown and cream insert in the lid that says "Mom". The interior of the box is done in black with a matching insert that says "You are always in my heart ".

The insert in the lid and the inside, may be changed to hold one of your favorite photos.

Plays: "Wind Beneath My Wings"
Size is: 3 1/2" x 3"

Item #PM5209CG
Item #HM6125CG

Fine Porcelain Musicals
Beautiful and delicate hand rolled porcelain flowers in lovely porcelain musicals.
Perfect for that special Mom on Mothers Day. To see more of these click here.
porcelain heart flowr bouwuet for mom
Click on Image to Enlarge
porcelain heart bouquet you fill my heart with love

Heart Shaped Music B

Heart Box Bouquet



A perfect gift for your wonderful mother. This elegant heart shaped porcelain music box has a bouquet of pink roses on top, made of hand rolled porcelain. A sentimental saying wraps all around the base. "Mom, your love blooms in our hearts, forever and ever."


SIZE: 4 1/8"W x 4" L x 2 7/8"H

Beautiful Hand Rolled Porcelain Rose Buds in a heart shaped box. The lid has the inscription
"You Fill My Heart With Love".

  • Tune: "Love Story"
  • Size: 4 1/2" x 4 3/8" x 4 1/4"
Item #10609SU
Item # SF49007SU

mother holding baby in blanket
musical porcelain teacup filled with porcelain flowers
A Mother's Love by Jim Shore
Flower Cup Hinge Box


This beautiful figurine is of a Mother with out-stretched arms holding her baby.
Crafted by master artist Jim Shore in his classic heartwarming quilted style, with soft colors of pink, blue, rose, and ivory.
The mother looks adoringly at her child that is wrapped in a blanket.

  • Non-musical
  • Size is: 9" High x 4 1/2" Wide x 3 1/4" Deep

Adorable little tea cup and saucer (all one piece) filled to the brim with beautiful flowers. Opens up with space to store something in the cup and the music box is hidden in the lid.

  • Tune: "Everything Is Beautiful"
  • Size: 4 1/2" x 4" x 4 1/4"
Item #4007244E
Item # 80048SU

Hand Crafted Musical Goose Eggs
The egg is the international symbol of life and love. To see more beautiful eggs click here
musical goose egg with pearled hearts
Amoré Heart Love Egg
Pink Cameo Egg

Beautiful Goose Egg done in white and covered in heart shapes with faux pearls and gold tone accents. Lined in white satin.

Plays: Love Story

Size is:2.25 X 2.25 X 6

This exquisite Goose Egg has very delicate carving all over and has two beautiful pink Cameos and gold accents. The carving lends a translucent look to the egg. Lined in pink satin with space for your favorite jewelry.

Size is: 2.25 X 2.25 X 5.5

Item #39372SF
Item #30446K

Italian Inlaid Jewelry Boxes
To see more of these beautiful boxes from Sorrento Italy
click here




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