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Peaunuts Gang

65 years after the debut in seven newspapers on Oct 2, 1950,
PEANUTS appears in over 2,600 newspapers worldwide and Charles M. Schulz
has become a household name.  The Peanuts gang offers a universal appeal to all ages.

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Snoopy Hugging Woodstock Cookie Jar
Snoopy Head Mug

Adorable cookie jar of Snoopy hugging Woodstock.

Size is: 10.75"
Material: Ceramic

Great coffe mug of Snoopy's head.

Size is: 3 3/4" H x 7"W x 4"D
Material: Ceramic
12 Oz mug

Item #20781W
Item #20798W

Linus Canvas Wall Art
Snoopy Canvas Wall Art

Adorable stretched canvas painting of Linus and his blanket with "Peanuts" cartoon illustrations in the background. Canvas is finished on all sides and ready to hang.

Size is: 12"x12"

Adorable stretched canvas painting of Snoopy with "Peanuts" cartoon illustrations in the background. Canvas is finished on all sides and ready to hang.

Size is: 12" x 12"

Item #24407W
Item #24409W

Best Friends Wastebasket
Joe Cool Cookie Jar

Great Peanuts waste basket with Charlie Brown and Snoopy cuddling.

Size is: 10"H
Material: Tin

Who's cool? Joe Cool is with Woodstock at his feet in this large cookie jar. Both have dark sunglasses on with thier arms crosses over their chest. Snoopy looks extra coolin his black jacket!

Size is: 11.75" H x 6 1/2" W x 8 3/4" D
Material: Porcelain

Item #24433W
Item #24455W


Peanuts Gang Wall Clock
Baseball Snoopy Wall Clock

Charlie Brown and his friends are all on this clock, including Snoopy on top of his dog house!

Size is: 10.75" H x 11" W
Material: Wood

This clock is in the shape of a baseball, with Snoopy in his baseball cap.

Size is: 11 3/4"H x 12 1/2"W
Material: Wood

Item #24454W
Item #20794W


Best Friends Tin Tote
Snoopy Love Tin Tote
Tin Lunch Box featuring Charlie Brown and Snoopy hugging.

Size is: 10"x7"x4"
Material: Tin

Tin Lunch Box featuring Snoopy.

Size is: 10"x7"x4"
Material: Tin

Item #24413W
Item #24414W

Snoopy with Heart Balloon
Snoopy LOVE Word Fig

The perfect gift for Peanuts lovers and Jim Shore collectors alike. Snoopy say's I LOVE YOU with a heart shaped balloon. Designed by Jim Shore.

Name: Snoopy
Title: I Heart U
Introduction: June 2014
Material: Stone Resin
Size is: 7.75in H x 3in W x 3.5in L

The perfect gift for Peanuts lovers and Jim Shore collectors alike. Snoopy types a love letter to his favorite pen pal. A beautiful and inspiring word figurine that evokes the warmth and emotion that is Peanuts.

Name: Snoopy
Title: LOVE
Introduction: June 2014
Material: Stone Resin
Size is: 5in H x 2.75in W x 5.625in L

Item #4042378E
Item #4042379E

Charlie Brown Mailbox
Friendship Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown gets a surprise and very special delivery from the postal service. Great Love or I Miss you gift for your loved one.

Name: Charlie Brown
Title: Special Delivery
Introduction: June 2014
Material: Stone Resin
Size is: 5in H x 2.5in W x 4.25in L

A great campanionship piece featuring Charlie Brown and his beloved pet beagle, Snoopy. Designed by Jim Shore

Name: Charlie Brown and Snoopy
Title: Life is Better with a Dog
Introduction: June 2014
Material: Stone Resin
Size is: 6in H x 2.25in W x 3.75in L

Item #4042380E
Item #4042387E

Snoopy with Woodstocks
Schroeder with Lucy & Snoopy

Perfect for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day or Birthdays all year round, Snoopy give a big hug to his little flock of feathered friends. A very nurturing piece designed by JIm Shore.

Name: Snoopy and Woodstock
Title: Love is a Beagle Hug
Introduction: June 2014
Material: Stone Resin
Size is: 7in H x 3.25in W x 2.5in L

Lucy and Schroeder share a moment at the piano as Snoopy prepares to tickle the ivories and dance a jig. A great moment captured by Jim Shore for Peanuts.

 Schroeder, Lucy, and Snoopy
Title: Happiness is a Favorite Song
Introduction: June 2014
Material: Stone Resin
Size is: 4in H x 3.25in W x 8.5in L

Item #4043614E
Item #4042385E

AAUGH Word Plaque
Baseball Charlie Brown

Ever have one of those days? Designed by Jim Shore for Peanuts, this iconic catch phrase is a fantastic stress reliever.

Title: AAUGH
Introduction: June 2014
Material: Stone Resin
Size is: 3.75in H x 1.125in W x 7.125in L

What's more American than Charlie Brown playing a game of baseball? Great for little leaguers and Peanuts fans alike.

Name: Charlie Brown
Title: Perfect Pitch
Introduction: June 2014
Material: Stone Resin
Size is: 6in H x 2in W x 4.25in L

Item #4042388E
Item #4043619E

Peanuts Christmas Train
Bad To The Bone Mug



Charlie Brown and Snoopy are delivering Christmas presents by train this year! This large musical train is made of wood and painted in bright blue. Charlie Brown, wearing a santa hat, sits in the drivers seat waving hello. Snoopy is on the back of the train looking at a christmas tree with presents on it. Lots of moving parts on this wonderful item.

  • Music: We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  • Size is: 8"H 11.25"W 3.75"D
  • Materials: Resin/Wood
  • Rotation: Wheels Turn

Snoopy is Joe Cool to the max! This mug is very artistic, with blue and black paint spattered and dripping around the illustration of Snoopy looking cool in his shades and leather jacket. The other side of the mug has "Bad to the Bone" written in red against the brick wall with blue and black paint splattered all around.

Size is: 4" H x 5" W x 3 1/2"
Size is: 14-oz
Material: Ceramic

Item #35985RO
Item #24451W

peppermint patty and marcie music box
Click on Image to Enlarge
snoopy flying ace music box
School Days Musical Figurine
Over The Hills Snoopy Animated Figurine

Sitting in school at their desks, Peppermint Patty turns around from her desk to talk to her best friend Marcie. The base of the musical is done like a green chalk board with things written on it and the Peanuts name written in yellow.

Plays: "School Days"
Size is: 4 3/4"H x 4 1/8" W
Resin Cast

High above the grassy hillside, The Flying Ace takes a ride in his WW1 plane, the Sopwith Camel .Woodstock flys above him, suspended by a spring so he bobbles. The plane rotates as the music plays.

  • Size is: 6" H x 4" W x 3 " D
  • Plays: "Linus and Lucy "
  • Resin Cast R
Item #20732W
Item # 20705W

Charlie Brown flying kite music box
snoopy and woodstock musical jack in the box
Charlie Flying Kite Musical Figurine
Snoopy & Woodstock-in-the-box
Musical Figurine

This is a wonderful depiction of Charlie Brown standing atop green grass and flying his ever famous red kite. The kite is suspended in air with a coiled wire for the kite string. The base of this musical looks just like Charlie Brown's shirt, it is yellow with a black angled stripe going around the middle of the base. Charlie Brown and his kite rotate as the music plays.

  • Size is:3 3/4" W x 5 1/2' H
  • Plays: "Minuet in G"
  • Resin Cast R

Now Snoopy has a new toy, a Woodstock Jack In The Box! Snoopy sits smiling at a blue box with a hand crank on the side. "Popping" out of the box is Woodstock, who turns as the music plays.

Plays: " Linus And Lucy"
Size is: 3 1/2"W x 4"T x 3"D
Resin Cast

Item #18256W
Item # 20703W

Snoopy Hugging Charlie Brown
Salt &Pepper Shakers
Charlie Brown & Snoopy
Cookie Jar


The cutest Salt and Pepper shakers showing the everlasting love between Charlie Brown and Snoopy. The pieces stay together with a strong magnet, but come apart for usage.

  • Size is: 4" H x 3"W
  • Non-Musical
  • Porcelain

This is probably the most adorable cookie jar you will ever see. Snoopy is smiling as he give Charlie Brown a big hug. Charlie, with eyes closed too, smiles at the warmth of his best friends love.

  • Non-Musical
  • Size is: 13" H x 6"W
  • Porcelain
Item #18276W
Item #20716W



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