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Holiday Music Boxes

Choose from our wonderful selection of musical and non-musical items
for every Holiday throughout the year.

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Thanksgiving Musical Pumpkin
"Giving Thanks"
Musical Pumpkin With Animated Scene Inside

LED lights up the detailed scene inside the pumpkin with the pilgrims and children, who rotate inside the pumpkin as the music plays. The recorded symphonic music is very soothing and will play as long as you have it turned on. The on/off switch is the stem of the pumpkin.


8.5"H 7.5"W 7.5"D
Item #34477RO


For Disney Christmas Click Here

LED Musical Angel with Town Scene

Amazing centerpiece for any Holiday Decor. This very large angel is done in soft blue and her winter coat wraps around to house an entire winter village scene inside. This mountain village is covered in snow with trees, lamposts, and people. At the bottom of the hill is a train that comes out of a tunnel and then disappears back in. All this is softly lit from inside the Angel's coat.

Plays: 8 Various Christmas Songs
Material: Polyresin
Size is: 10 1/2"H x 8 1/2" W x 6" D
LED lights - 3 AAA Batteries not included
Animation: Train Revolves

Item #32427RO

LED Retro Gas Station Musical
Santa's Toy Shop
Out Of Stock

Santa and his Elves stop by the "Flicker Gas Co." to refill their sleigh! Large diorama of a Retro Gas Station, with a classic roof over the filling area that is draped with garland and red bows. Vintage gas pumps, vending machines and all. The elves have packages in their hands and Santa holds the gas nozzle, but no sleigh insight!

Music: 8 Various Christmas Songs
Size is: 7.125"H 6.875"W 6.875"D
Material: Resin
LED lights - 3 AAA Batteries not included

Lights Flicker

This is a great diorama of young boy and girl, with their puppy, peering through the windows into the North Pole Toy Shop. Inside the Toy Shop, Santa is busy making toys. The interior is well lighted and a train goes around on the table where he is working. The lamppost outside lights up too.

Music: 8 Various Christmas Songs
Size is: 8"H 9.125"W 7.5"D
Materials: Resin
LED lights - 3 AAA Batteries not included
Animation: Train Revolves

Item #31041RO
Item #35178RO


Christmas Candy Shop
TV with Rotating Train in Winter Scene

Vintage diorama of a Candy Shop that looks good enough to eat! Outside there is a woman in long dress and coat walking her dog past the front windows of the Candy Shop. There is a store sign haning from a street pole made out of a candy cane. The roof of the Candy Shop looks like pink frosting with lollypops as decorations. Inside is a Christmas tree made of frosting and a train rotates below it. The walls are covered with delicious treats.

Plays: 8 Various Christmas Songs
Material: Resin
Size is: 8" H X 7" W
Animation: Train Revolves
LED lights - 3 AAA Batteries not included

This adorable Retro 1950's TV, complete with wooden looking cabinet and "Rabbit Ear' antennas, will take you back to a much simpler time. Turn the knob on the front to start the lighted animated scene inside and the 8 Christmas songs. Inside, below a snow covered mountain with tiny trees on it, is a miniature village with tiny houses and trees covered in snow. A small train winds its way through the town.

Plays: 8 Various Christmas Songs
Material: Resin
Size is: 9.5" H x 4.5" W
LED lights - 3 AAA Batteries not included
Animation: Train goes around the Town

Item #34402RO
Item #33476RO


Happy Camper Trailer
Animated Elves Tea Cup Ride

Everyone loves an Airstream trailer and you will love this miniature one complete with the hitch in the front. Done in silver with red over the wheel well and an inscription that says "Happy Camper".
Inside the large window on the side of the camper is a lighted tiny snow covered village with a train that revolves around the town Christmas tree.

Music: 8 Various Christmas Songs
Size is: 6"H 9"W 4.5"D
Materials: Resin
LED lights - 3 AAA Batteries not included
Animation: Train Rotates inside Trailer

These Elves are taking a day off for fun! They are at the North Pole Amusement Park and enjoying spinning in circles on the Tea Cup Ride. As the music plays, 4 colorful tea cups spin on a red and white striped base that looks like a peppermint. Snow covered pine trees surround the scene

Music: 8 Various Christmas Songs
Size is: 5.875"H 8.125"W 9"D
Materials: Resin
Animation: Tea Cups Revolve With Music
3 AAA Batteries not included

Item #32330RO
Item #34475RO

Large Rotating Santa Sleigh Globe
Santa Through The Trees Globe

Super large musical water globe! This amazing piece has a porcelain base with beautiful winter scene paintings all around. Inside the 150MM Globe is a sonw covered mountain with a church, houses and trees. At the base of the mountain is a train that revolves through a tunnel. Inside the globe, at the top is Santa on a sleigh flying thru the sky with his reindeers at the lead.

Plays: "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"
Material: Porcelain/Resin/Glass/Water/ Snow
Size is: 8"H x 6"W
150MM Globe
Animation: Santa Rotates/ Train Rotates

Beautiful nostalgic water globe of Santa making his way through snow covered trees with his sack of toys on his back. Shake the globe to see small snow flakes float around that look like actual snow! The porcelain base of the globe has a beautiful painting of Santa's sleigh and reindeer out in the forest at night.

Plays: "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear"
Material: Dolomite/Glass/Resin/Water/Snow
Size is: 5 1/2"H x 4"W
100 MM Globe

Item #37753RO
Item #32073RO


Boy Ice Fishing Globe
Boy with Dog Winter Scene Globe

This water globe depicts a young boy, dressed warmly in his red stocking cap and scarf, oversized gloves, and boots. He sits ice fishing, waiting for that great catch. The porcelain base has beautiful painting of a winter scene.

Plays: "Chestnuts Roasting on and Open Fire"
Material: Ceramic/Glass/Glitter/Water
Size is: 5" H x 3" W
120MM Globe

A young boy, dressed for winter in his large red jacket, scarf and knit cap, trudges through the snow with his faithful dog, by a lone tree.. The porcelain base has painted winter scene with a banner at the entrance of town"Merry Christmas"

Plays: "Over the River and Through the Woods"
Material: Dolomite/Glass/Resin/Water/Snow
Size is" 5.5" H x 4"W

Item #31071RO
Item #32130RO

Musical Nutcracker Ballet Globe

This water globe is unusual in its' design. The dome is not round, but rectangular and rounded on the top. Inside is a Christmas tree surrounded by the Nutcracker, Clara, and other main characters. As the Nutcracker ballet plays they rotate around and around the turning Christmas Tree.The red base has a somewhat Russian look with gold filligree designs and arches with different painted diaromas from the Nutcracker inside them.

Plays: "Nutcracker Ballet"
Size is: 8"H x 5"W
Material: Resin/Glass/Glitter/Water


Item #32072RO


Gold Tone Angel Globe
"Peace On Earth" Angel Globe

This beautiful globe has an angel inside who appears to be gliding through the air. Her dress is metallic silver and her cape and wings are metallic gold colored. In her hands is a silver harp. The base is an antiqued gold with carvings of a bell and snowflakes.

Plays: "Joy To The World"
Material: Resin/Glass/Water/Glitter
Size is: 5.5" H X 4"W

A favorite carol will echo through your room whenever this traditionally styled, 100mm musical water globe is played. Inside the globe is a Precious Moments angel playing a horn. The tune “Hark The Herald Angels Sing” plays as if coming right from the sweet angel's horn.

Tune: "Hark The Herald Angels Sing"
Material; Resin/Glass/Water/Glitter
Size: 5 1/2” H x 4 1/8" W

Item #32076RO
Item #131100PM


Santa Snoopy Doghouse Teeter Totter
Charlie Brown Decorates the Christmas Tree

Cute can't even describe this large musical. Charlie Brown and Snoopy, both in Santa hats, go up and down on a teeter totter at the top of Snoopy's snow covered dog house. On the front of the doghouse areChristmas lights and colorful gears that turn as the music plays.

Plays: "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"
Material: Wood/Resin
Size is: 9" H X 8" W x 3.5" W
Animation: Sea Saw and Gears Turn

Charlie Brown smiles as he places a Christmas bulb on his small barren tree. Snoopy, in his Santa hat, sits dutifully watching along with Woodstock. The base is 2 dimensional carvings of the Peanuts gang playing in the snow. The top rotates as the music plays.

Plays: "Oh Christmas Tree"
Material: Polyresin/ Metal/Resin
Size is: 7" H X 4 1/4" W
Animation: Scene Rotates

Item #33729RO
Item #38345RO


Santa and Reindeer Flying Globe
Santa Loading Sleigh Globe

Inside this snow globe is Santa and his reindeer taking off high above a snow covered mountain. The porcelain base is covered with a beautiful alpine nighttime winter scene.

Plays: "Here Comes Santa Claus"
Material: Porcelain/Resin/Glass/Water/Snow
Size is: 6" H X 4" W

This snow globe has Santa inside, checking his bag of presents in the sleigh, next to a pine tree. The porcelain base depicts a forrest winter scene.

Plays: "Up On A Rooftop"
Material: Resin/Glass/Water/Snow
Size is: 6" H X 4" W

Item #39321RO-A
Item #39321RO-B

Train Christmas Globe
Snowman and Children Globe
Out of Stock
Returning Mid October

Gorgeous winter snow globe with an alpine scene inside

Music: "Winter Wonderland"
Size is: 5.75"H 3.94"W 3.94"L
Materials: Resin/Glass/Snow

Music: I'll Be home for Christmas
Size is: 5.75"H 3.94"W 3.94"L
Materials: Resin/Glass/Snow

Item #39322BRO
Item #39322ARO

Watermill Globe
Christmas Cottage Globe Silver Base
Out Of Stock
Returning Mid October

  • Music: Let It Snow
  • Size is: 5.375"H 4.625"W 4.625"L
  • Globe: 100MM
  • Materials: Resin/Glass/Snow
  • Music: I'll Be Home For Christmas
  • Size is: 5.5"H 4"W 4"D
  • Globe: 100MM
  • Materials: Resin/Glass
  • Silver Colored Base/Snow
Item #33047RO
Item #35641RO

Winter Church Globe
Winter Sleigh Ride Globe
Winter House In Woods Globe
Item #23958ARO
Item #23958BRO
Item #23958CRO

These wonderful Winter Snow Globes have porcelain bases with lovely scenes on them. Inside the globes are miniature winter scenes that are made magical by the timy snow inside that when you shake the globe it looks realistic to a snow fall.

  • Music: Will vary between "Silent Night" & "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"
  • Size is: 4"H 4"W 5.75"L
  • Materials: Resin/Dolomite/Glass/Snow

Nutcracker Globe
Father Christmas Globe-Gold Snowflakes
  • Music: Twelve Days Of Christmas
  • Size is: 5.5"H 4.25"W 4.25"L
  • Globe: 100MM
  • Materials: Resin/Glass/Glitter
  • Music: We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  • Size is: 5.5"H 4"W 4"L 0.05"DIA
  • Globe: 100MM
  • Materials: Resin/ Glass/Water/Golden Snowflakes
Item #33042RO
Item #34350RO


Kneeling Santa With Manger And Animals
Musical Figurine
Kneeling Santa and Baby Jesus Globe
With Carved Base

This wonderful music box has Santa kneeling down beside baby Jesus' manger, surrounded lambs.

  • Music: "O Come All Ye Faithful"
  • Size is: 5.75"H 5.5"W 5.5"D
  • Materials: Resin/Stone Mix
  • Division: JOSEPH STUDIO
  • Music: Silent Night
  • Size is: 5.5"H 4.25"W 4.25"D
  • Globe: 100MM
  • Materials: Resin/Stone Mix/Glass/Snow
  • Division: JOSEPH STUDIO
Item #26783RO
Item #35392RO

"O Holy Night" Nativity Musical 
Nativity - Deluxe Musical Shadow Box 

On this most holy night, the divine baby Jesus is cradled in his mother's loving arms while angels, shepherds, and kings all praise his name. This stunning musical figurine celebrates the glorious occasion with glistening golden finishes.

Plays “O Holy Night.”
Material: Resin.
Size is: 6” H.

An ethereal light streams down upon the holy family as all in the humble stable honor the newborn King. This shadowbox actually lights up while it plays. It will play the song once and then stay lit without the music.

Plays: “O Holy Night.”
Operates with three AAA batteries, included.
Material: Resin.
Size is: 6 1/4" H x 7 1/4"W x 4 1/2" D

Item #141109PM
Item #141110PM

Precious Moments Nativity
precious moments holy family musical water globe
Click on Image to Enlarge
Nativity - Musical
Holy Family Musical Water Globe
Beneath a star of wonder and upon a bed of straw, our Savior sleeps. A stunning, large-scale musical, magnificently detailed with golden accents and filigree sculpting, it will fill you with the awe of His birth all season.

Tune “O Holy Night”
Materials: Porcelain/resin.
Size: 7 3/4” H.
That most holy and wondrous night is portrayed with pure beauty within our elegant water globe. Uniquely designed to have the look of stained wood, it becomes an heirloom the instant you open the box.

Tune: "O Holy Night"
Materials: Resin/Glass muscial water globe.
Size: 5 ¾" H.
Item #131108PM
Item #121108PM

LED Snowman Playing Saxaphone Muscial
"Peace On Earth" - Annual Angel 4th In Series

This musically-inclined snowman is all ready to put on quite the show for you and all your holiday guests. Lights flash as he plays a medley of eight well-known Christmas carols. This piece is sure to become the conversation piece of your holiday décor.

Plays: 8 Melodies
LED Lights - 1 AAA battery included.
Material: Resin.
Size is: 5 3/4” H x 4" W

An inspirational addition to your winter décor, this 100mm musical water globe soothes your soul and uplifts your spirit in shades of soft blue and silver. Part of the annual Angel Series, it creates a beautiful wonderland for an angel of peace.

Plays “Joy To The World.”
Material: Resin/glass/Glitter
Size is: 5 1/2” H x 3 7/8" W

Item #141112PM
Item #141106PM

Girl with Stocking Globe
Madonna Holding Baby Jesus

Twinkling lights, sparkling glitter, shining jingle bells – everything just seems to shine during the holidays. This adorable Precious Moments little girl in pigtails, reaches into her Christmas Stocking anxious to see what's inside. Red base with a big green bow and gold bells and an oval that says "Bling In The Holidays".

Plays “Deck The Halls.”
material: Resin/Glass/Glitter
Size is: 5 1/2” H.

The purity of Mary's love is apparent in her caress of her newborn babe. This adorable Precious Moments Madonna and baby Jesus is an uplifting depiction of a mother's love and a tribute to Jesus's miraculous birth. Beautidl soft blue colors and a porcelain blue, white and silver base that says "Peace"

Plays: Schubert's “Ave Maria.”
Material: Porcelain/Resin
Size is: 5 1/2” H.

Item #131103PM
Item #131109PM

Made With Love - Annual Santa Musical
Christmas Globe - Penguin Fishing

Let the stories of Santa be brought to life within an enchanting musical snow globe! The legendary gift giver creates something joyful upon a unique base with the look of carved wood.

Plays: “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.”
100mm musical water globe
Material: Resin/Glass/Snow
Size is: 5 1/2” H.

Christmas greetings are always welcome from friends who are big, small, and even feathered. This cuddly penguin gives the best gift of all this season – his friendship.

Plays: “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.”
100mm musical water globe
Material: Resin/Glass/Snow
Size is: 5 1/2” H.
Item #131104PM
Item #131112PM

Mini Lantern with Cabin Globe
Cardinal Lantern Globe
Out Of Stock
Returning Mid October
  • Music: Non-Musical
  • Size is: 5.75"H 3.125"W 3.125"D
  • Globe: 65MM
  • Materials: Resin/Glass/Water/Snow
  • Music: We Wish You A Merry Chrstmas
  • Size: 10"H 5.5"W 4.5"D
  • Globe: 100MM
  • Materials: Resin/Glass/Water/Snow
Item #35785RO
Item #35786RO

Click on Image to Enlarge
Mini Snowman Water Globes
$18.95 Set of Three

These cute little snowmen, in their miniature snow globes, will warm the hearts of all.
Great for stocking stuffers, bunko prizes, office gifts, or just to put a smile on someone's face.

45MM Waterglobe
Size is: 1.75 x 1.75 x 2.5

ITEM #915387DM

Disney Christmas Items

Huey, Dewey, and Louie
Downhill Ducks
Donald and Daisy Skating
Pairs Skating

$44.95 Out of Stock

Watch Out Below! Huey, Dewey and Louie come racing down the hill in this beautiful sculpt from Jim Shore for Disney Traditions.

  • Introduction: January 2013
  • Material: Stone Resin, 100% Polyester
  • Size is: 4.75in H x 2.875in W x 6in L

Donald and Daisy make quite the skating pair in this new holiday sculpt from Jim Shore for Disney Traditions.

  • Introduction: January 2013
  • Material: Stone Resin, 100% Polyester
  • Size: 5.5in H x 3.5in W x 5.75in L
Item #4033270E
Item #4033269E

Click on Image to Enlarge

Click on Image to Enlarge
"Let the Season Ring"
Christmas Tinker Bell with Displayer Base
Tinker Bell on Ornament
“Having a Ball”

This enchanting fairy delicately dangles from a trapeze ribbon, with four real bells attached. You can imaging her performing amazing tricks while listening to the Christmas bells ringing. The metal wire and displayer base are included.
  • Introduction 2010
  • 10.25in H x 2in W x 3.25in L
  • Stone resin
  • Includes: metal wire and ribbon
  • Unique variations should be expected; hand painted

Dainty as a pixie, Tinker Bell sits on top of a Jim Shore stylized ornament ready to decorate for the holidays.

  • Introduction: January 2012
  • Material: Stone Resin, 100% Polyester
  • Size: 7.25in H x 4.25in W x 4.75in L
Item #4016568E
Item #4027923E

Click on Image to Enlarge
Extra Large - Mickey with Santa's Bag
Tinkerbell Naughty and Nice
Mickey Mouse is here to spread Holiday Cheer.  Designed by Jim Shore for Disney Traditions, this large sized statue comes complete with a real cloth bag to store all your holiday cards.  A full size drawer also provides ample space for holiday treasures.  This beautiful piece makes a perfect gift or table decor item. 
  • Materials: Stone Resin
  • Measures: 14" H

Year Introduced: 2009


  • Width: 4.2500
  • Height: 6.2500
  • Length: 7.0000
  • Material: Stone Resin
Item #4011040E
Item #4013972E

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