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Rare & Retired Items

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1897 Antique Swiss Made Stella Console Disk Music Box
by Memod Feres

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Memod Feres, founded in 1816 and for many, many years one of Switzerland's premier makers of fine cylinder boxes, entered the disc music box field in the 1890's. The firms principal products were the Stella, a music box wich used discs without projections. In America, Memod Feres products were sold through the Jacot Music Box Company of New York City. Surviving Stella music boxes are rarely available today. The Memod insturments are generally of superb tonal qualtiy and are considered to be among the finest disc-type music boxes ever made.

This handsome and artistic mahogany cabinet, decorated with victorian design scroll work, combines the music box and the stand in one. The lower part is subdivided by a number of verticla partitions, for greater convenience in storing the musical discs. The cabinet measures: 3 feet tall x 2 feet .33" W x 1 foot 3/5" Deep. The music box is on the original casters for easy movement. This beautiful disc player comes with 75 discs measuring 17 1/4" in diameter. The #268 model was one of the most popular models produced.

The Stella Music Box offered here has double combs for a glorious sound that will resonate throughout your home.The only blemish this collectors piece has, is a watermark on the lid and one broken tooth, no other repair marks.
(Blemishes Shown In The Photos Above)

Stella #268 Disk Player Song Selection

A Hot Time In The Old Town

Narcissus Song

Air De Louis XIII

Nearer My God To The

At a Georgia Camp Meeting March

Old Black Joe

At Supper

Old Oaken Bucket

Ave Maria

On A Tree By The River

Barber of Seville

Poet and Peasant


Put Me Off At Buffalo

Das Wettrenen


Der Obersteiger

Robin Hood

Die Hugenotten

Rock Of Ages

Dixie Land

Santa Lucia

Ernani Resue Me

Southern Roses Waltz

Funeral March

Spring Song

Henrietta, Have You Met Her

Standchen Serenade

Irish Washerwoman

Stephanis Gavotte

Isabelle A Gal Who Is One Of The Boys

Sweet Rosie O'Grady

Kathleen Mavoureen



The Bells of Corneville

Kiss Me, Honey Do

The Czarina Nazurka

La Serenata

The Holy City

Last Rose of Summer

The Runaway Girl

Lucrezia Borgia

The Warmest Baby In The Bunch

Lustige Bruder Walze


Mich Verlangt Nach Dir, Mein Schatz

Valse De Chopin

Money Musk

You're Not The Only Pebble On The Beach

All Disks are stamped with the original Memond Ferres name and year of 1897. Most have the Swiss/German names as well as the English translation.
Item # 268

Extremely Rare "Magic Mirror" by Reuge in Switzerland

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View of Both Costumes
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View of Female Costumes
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View of Male Costumes
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$4500.00 Sale Price $1995.00

This incredible music box is actually a mirror, incased in a gold leaf frame. However,at the touch of a button, the music of a perfectly tuned 50 note swiss Reuge mechanism begins to play one of 2 different tunes. At the to touch of another button, the silver mirror dissappears to reveal what appears to be a ballroom filled with dancers. As the music plays, the dancers twirl at different timing and their feet move as if dancing.

Inside the Magic Mirror, behind the red velvet curtains which are drawn to the sides, are two couples dancing with a multiplying mirror effect behind them to give the illusion of a full ballroom. These little dolls were made by hand by Madame Marthe Phillaparte in Paris reflecting costuming of dancers of 1780... The tiny flowers were from her own garden. Their handmade costumes, typical of the 1700's, are done in period silk with real dried flowers. On the the front of the gold leaf frame is a small brass placque with the inscription "Danseaurs 1785".

Click here to see the video of the magic mirror Video 2

  • Gold Leaf frame with a brass engraved placque
  • Two Dancers in silk costumes with real dried flowers
  • Dimension: 10 3/4" H x 14 1/2" W x 6"D
  • Tunes: 2 tune 50 note Swiss Reuge mechanism ~ MOZART MINUET AND BOCCERINI MINUET
  • Small wear on the silvering in the front right corner.
  • Approximate date of manufacture - 1989-1992
Item #6050R

We have a good selection of rare and retired items.
Please call the store at 1-800-588-1712 or e-mail musicboxcompany@comcast.net for availability.

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